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Please do not contact the maintainers directly unless you have a specific need to contact just them. Please use the Github discussions if at all possible.

The original JDBC driver was written by Adrian Hall. Peter Mount and Barry Lind have maintained it in the past, but have since moved on to other things. We would also like to recognize the work previously done by the following

Most recent contributors can be found here

Language Author
cs - Czech Petr Dittrich
de - German Andre Bialojahn
es - Spanish Diego A. Gil
fr - French Xavier Poinsard
it - Italian Giuseppe Sacco
pl - Polish Jaroslaw Pyszny
pt_BR - Brazilian Portuguese Euler Taveira de Oliveira
ru - Russian Serguei Mokhov
sr - Serbian Bojan Skaljac
tr - Turkish Devrim Gunduz, Nicolai Tufar
zh_CN - Simplified Chinese Weiping, Kuo ChaoYi
zh_TW - Traditional Chinese Zhenbang Wei, Kuo ChaoYi