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15 March 2018

PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.2.2 Released

Notable changes


  • Documentation on server-side prepared statements PR 1135


  • Avoid failure for insert ... on conflict...update for reWriteBatchedInserts=true case PR 1130
  • fix: allowEncodingChanges should allow set client_encoding=... PR 1125
  • Wrong data from Blob/Clob when mark/reset is used PR 971
  • Adjust XAException return codes for better compatibility with XA specification PR 782
  • Wrong results when single statement is used with different bind typesPR 1137
  • Support generated keys for WITH queries that miss RETURNING PR 1138
  • Support generated keys when INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE keyword is followed by a comment PR 1138

See full changelog for 42.2.2

25 January 2018

PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.2.1 Released

Notable changes

Known issues

  • client_encoding has to be UTF8 even with allowEncodingChanges=true


  • socksProxyHost is ignored in case it contains empty string PR 1079


  • Avoid connection failure when DateStyle is set to ISO (~PgBouncer) Issue 1080
  • Package scram:client classes, so SCRAM works when using a shaded jar PR#1091 1a89290e
  • reWriteBatchedInserts=true causes syntax error with ON CONFLICT Issue 1045 PR 1082
  • Avoid failure in getPGArrayType when stringType=unspecified PR 1036

See full changelog for 42.2.1

17 January 2018

PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.2.0 Released

Notable changes

Known issues

  • SCRAM authentication does not work as scram client classes are not packaged
  • client_encoding has to be UTF8 even with allowEncodingChanges=true


  • Support SCRAM-SHA-256 for PostgreSQL 10 in the JDBC 4.2 version (Java 8+) using the Ongres SCRAM library. PR 842
  • Make SELECT INTO and CREATE TABLE AS return row counts to the client in their command tags. Issue 958 PR 962
  • Support Subject Alternative Names for SSL connections. PR 952
  • Support isAutoIncrement metadata for PostgreSQL 10 IDENTITY column. PR 1004
  • Support for primitive arrays PR#887 3e0491a
  • Implement support for get/setNetworkTimeout() in connections. PR 849
  • Make GSS JAAS login optional, add an option "jaasLogin" PR 922 see Connecting to the Database


  • Improve behaviour of ResultSet.getObject(int, Class). PR 932
  • Parse CommandComplete message using a regular expresion, allows complete catch of server returned commands for INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, SELECT, FETCH, MOVE, COPY and future commands. PR 962
  • Use 'time with timezone' and 'timestamp with timezone' as is and ignore the user provided Calendars, 'time' and 'timestamp' work as earlier except "00:00:00" now maps to 1970-01-01 and "24:00:00" uses the system provided Calendar ignoring the user-provided one PR 1053
  • Change behaviour of multihost connection. The new behaviour is to try all secondaries first before trying the master PR 844.
  • Avoid reflective access to TimeZone.defaultTimeZone in Java 9+ PR 1002 fixes Issue 986


  • Make warnings available as soon as they are received from the server. This is useful for long running queries, where it can be beneficial to know about a warning before the query completes. PR 857
  • Use 00:00:00 and 24:00:00 for LocalTime.MIN/MAX. PR 992
  • Now the DatabaseMetaData.getFunctions() implementation complies with the JDBC docs. PR 918
  • Execute autosave/rollback savepoint via simple queries always to prevent "statement S_xx not exists" when autosaving fixes Issue #955
  • Received resultset tuples, but no field structure for them" when bind failure happens on 5th execution of a statement Issue 811


  • Drop support for the (insecure) crypt authentication method. PR 1026


  • Reintroduce Driver.getVersion for backward compatibility reasons, mark it as deprecated as application should not rely on it (regression since 42.0.0) 50d5dd3e
  • slave and preferSlave values for the targetServerType connection property have been deprecated in favour of secondary and preferSecondary respectively.

See full changelog for 42.2.0

The PostgreSQL JDBC group would like to thank YourKit
for graciously providing licenses to the project.

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