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22 September 2021

PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.2.24 Released


  • Fix startup regressions caused by PR #1949. Instead of checking all types by OID, we can return types for well known types PR #2257
  • Backport PR #2148 Avoid leaking server error details through BatchUpdateException when logServerErrorDetail PR #2254
  • Backpatch PR #2247 QueryExecutorImpl.receiveFastpathResult did not properly handle ParameterStatus messages. This in turn caused failures for some LargeObjectManager operations. Closes Issue #2237 Fixed by adding the missing code path, based on the existing handling in processResults. PR #2253
  • Backpatch PR #2242 PgDatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo() cast operands to smallint PR#2253 It is possible to break method PgDatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo() by adding certain custom operators. This PR fixes it.
  • Backpatching PR #2251 into 42.2 Clean up open connections to fix test failures on omni and appveyor use older syntax for COMMENT ON FUNCTION with explicit no-arg parameter parentheses as it is required on server versions before v10. Handle cleanup of connection creation in StatementTest, handle cleanup of privileged connection in DatabaseMetaDataTest
  • Backpatch PR #2245 fixes case where duplicate tables are returned if there are duplicate descriptions oids are not guaranteed to be unique in the catalog PR #2248
  • Change to updatable result set to use correctly primary or unique keys PR #2228 fixes issues introduced in PR #2199 closes Issue #2196
  • Fix NPE calling getTypeInfo when alias is null PR #2220
  • Backpatch PR #2217 to fix Issue #2215. OIDs are unsigned integers and were not being handled correctly when they exceeded the size of signed integers

See full changelog for 42.2.24

06 July 2021

PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.2.23 Released

Notable changes


  • renewed the SSL keys for testing ### Added


  • getColumnPrecision for Numeric when scale and precision not specified now returns 0 instead of 131089 fixes: Issue #2188
  • Calling refreshRow on an updateable resultset made the row readOnly. Fixes Issue #2193
  • results should be updateable if there is a unique index available PR#2199 Fixes Issue #2196
  • Rework sql type gathering to use OID instead of typname. This does not have the issue of name shadowing / qual-names, and has the added benefit of fixing #1948.

See full changelog for 42.2.23

16 June 2021

PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.2.22 Released

Notable changes




  • Regression caused by Unfortunately due to the blocking nature of the driver and issues with seeing if there is a byte available on a blocking stream when it is encrypted this introduces unacceptable delays in returning from peek(). At this time there is no simple solution to this.

See full changelog for 42.2.22

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