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29 October 2021

PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.3.1 Released

Notable changes


  • improv: Arrays in Object[] PR 2330 when an Object[] contains other arrays, treat as though it were a multi-dimensional array the one exception is byte[], which is not supported.
  • improv: Use jre utf-8 decoding PR 2317 Remove use of custom utf-8 decoding.
  • perf: improve performance of bytea string decoding PR 2320 improve the parsing of bytea hex encoded string by making a lookup table for each of the valid ascii code points to the 4 bit numeric value
  • feat: intern/canonicalize common strings PR 2234 ### Added


  • numeric binary decode for even 10 thousands PR #2327 fixes Issue 2326 binary numeric values which represented integers multiples of 10,000 from 10,000-9,990,000 were not decoded correctly
  • [typo] typo in certdir/ PR #2309 certificatess => certificates
  • [typo] typo in PR #2314 Change Greagorian to Gregorian.
  • remove check for negative pid in cancel request. Apparently pgbouncer can send one fixes Issue 2317 PR #2319

See full changelog for 42.3.1

18 October 2021

PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.3.0 Released

Notable changes


  • No longer build for Java 6 or Java 7
  • If assumeMinServerVersion is not defined and server is at least 9.0, group startup statements into a single transaction PR #1977



  • Rework OSGi bundle activator so it does not rely on exception message to check DataSourceFactory presence PR #507
  • Fix database metadata getFunctions() and getProcedures() to ignore search_path when no schema pattern is specified PR #2174
  • Fix refreshRow made the row readOnly. [PR #2195]( Fixes Issue #2193
  • Fix do not add double quotes to identifiers already double quoted PR #2224 Fixes Issue #2223 Add a property QUOTE_RETURNING_IDENTIFIERS which determines if we put double quotes around identifiers that are provided in the returning array.
  • Fix Provide useful error message for empty or missing passwords for SCRAM auth PR #2290 fixes Issue #2288

Contributors to this release

We thank the following people for their contributions to this release.

Agata Naomichi
Andrew Dunstan
Brett Okken
Dave Cramer
David Rader
Eric Peterson
Feng zhihao
Frode Carlsen
Hugo Abreu
Jeremy Mailen
Jesper Pedersen
Jorge Solorzano
Jorge Solórzano
Juha Syrjälä
Laurenz Albe
Michael Ernst
Pavel Bludov
Peter Eisentraut
Sehrope Sarkuni
Simon Strassl
Tom Aizenberg
Vladimir Sitnikov
Vyom Yadav

See full changelog for 42.3.0

22 September 2021

PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 42.2.24 Released


  • Fix startup regressions caused by PR #1949. Instead of checking all types by OID, we can return types for well known types PR #2257
  • Backport PR #2148 Avoid leaking server error details through BatchUpdateException when logServerErrorDetail PR #2254
  • Backpatch PR #2247 QueryExecutorImpl.receiveFastpathResult did not properly handle ParameterStatus messages. This in turn caused failures for some LargeObjectManager operations. Closes Issue #2237 Fixed by adding the missing code path, based on the existing handling in processResults. PR #2253
  • Backpatch PR #2242 PgDatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo() cast operands to smallint PR#2253 It is possible to break method PgDatabaseMetaData.getIndexInfo() by adding certain custom operators. This PR fixes it.
  • Backpatching PR #2251 into 42.2 Clean up open connections to fix test failures on omni and appveyor use older syntax for COMMENT ON FUNCTION with explicit no-arg parameter parentheses as it is required on server versions before v10. Handle cleanup of connection creation in StatementTest, handle cleanup of privileged connection in DatabaseMetaDataTest
  • Backpatch PR #2245 fixes case where duplicate tables are returned if there are duplicate descriptions oids are not guaranteed to be unique in the catalog PR #2248
  • Change to updatable result set to use correctly primary or unique keys PR #2228 fixes issues introduced in PR #2199 closes Issue #2196
  • Fix NPE calling getTypeInfo when alias is null PR #2220
  • Backpatch PR #2217 to fix Issue #2215. OIDs are unsigned integers and were not being handled correctly when they exceeded the size of signed integers

See full changelog for 42.2.24

The PostgreSQL JDBC group would like to thank YourKit
for graciously providing licenses to the project.

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