Notable Changes

regression: This release has 2 known regressions which make it unusable see the notes in 42.5.3. We advise people not to use 42.5.2. docs: specify that timeouts are in seconds and there is a maximum. Housekeeping on some tests fixes #Issue 2671 PR #2686
docs: clarify binaryTransfer and add it to README PR# 2698
docs: Document the need to encode reserved characters in the connection URL PR #2700
feat: Define binary transfer for custom types dynamically/automatically fixes Issue #2554 PR #2556

fix: added gssResponseTimeout as part of PR #2687 to make sure we don’t wait forever on a GSS RESPONSE

fix: Ensure case of XML tags in Maven snippet is correct PR #2682
fix: Make sure socket is closed if an exception is thrown in createSocket fixes Issue #2684 PR #2685
fix: Apply patch from Issue #2683 to fix hanging ssl connections PR #2687
fix: binary conversion of (very) long numeric values (longer than 4 * 2^15 digits) PR #2697 fixes Issue #2695
minor: enhance readability connection of startup params PR #2705
fix: improve thread safety of PgResultSet#getTimestamp PR #2726 fixes Issue #2723

Commits by author

Dave Cramer (2):

Sebastian Baumhekel(1):