Notable Changes

Notable changes

Commits by author

Dave Cramer (13): Update PR 2609
Ignore simplequery for postgresql 8.4 PR 2614
Single commit to move newdocs into master PR 2618
update versions PR 2619
fix grammar, fix downloads, minor edits PR 2626
fix: make sure we select array_in from pg_catalog to avoid duplicate array_in functions fixes #Issue 2548 PR 2552
clarify prepared statement usage PR 2629
fix maven coordinates PR 2631
remove javadoc links for java 17 and above PR 2637
revert change to PGProperty.get() to keep the API the same PR 2644
exclude ArrayTest versions less than 9.1 PR 2645\

Evgeniy Devyatykh (1): perf: improve performance of PgResultSet getByte/getShort/getInt/getLong for float-typed columns PR 2634

Josh Soref (1): chore: fix various spelling errors PR 2592

Kevin222004 (1):

Knut Olav Løite (1): fix: binary decoding of bool values PR 2640

Marek Läll (1): Feature/urlparser improve3 pr1 PR 2641

Vladimir Sitnikov (4): docs: clarify we ship security fixes by default for the latest 42.x and 42.2 only PR 2586

μtkarsh (1): Optimize png files PR 2621