Notable Changes

Andrei Lurie (1):

  fix: return correct base type for domain from getUDTs [PR 2520]( (#2522)

Dave Cramer (3):

  fix: added GROUP_STARTUP_PARAMETERS boolean property to determine whether or not to group startup parameters in a transaction or not fixes Issue 2423 pgbouncer cannot deal with transactions in statement pooling mode [PR 2425](

Jorge Solórzano (1):

  chore: Make the readme version agnostic [PR 2540](

Sven Diedrichsen (1):

  Made utcTz static and renamed to UTC_TIMEZONE [PR 2519](

Vladimir Sitnikov (24):

  doc: fix release version for [PR 2377]( (it should be 42.3.6, not 42.3.5)