PostgreSQL™ provides robust support for array data types as column types, function arguments and criteria in where clauses. There are several ways to create arrays with pgjdbc.

The java.sql.Connection.createArrayOf(String, Object[]) can be used to create an java.sql.Array from Object[] instances (Note: this includes both primitive and object multi-dimensional arrays). A similar method org.postgresql.PGConnection.createArrayOf(String, Object) provides support for primitive array types. The java.sql.Array object returned from these methods can be used in other methods, such as PreparedStatement.setArray(int, Array).

The following types of arrays support binary representation in requests and can be used in PreparedStatement.setObject:

Java Type Supported binary PostgreSQL™ Types Default PostgreSQL™ Type
short[], Short[] int2[] int2[]
int[], Integer[] int4[] int4[]
long[], Long[] int8[] int8[]
float[], Float[] float4[] float4[]
double[], Double[] float8[] float8[]
boolean[], Boolean[] bool[] bool[]
String[] varchar[], text[] varchar[]
byte[][] bytea[] bytea[]
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