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Mailing Lists

Before Mailing Anyone

Before posting a question or problem to the mailing list, please first look at the following resources:

  • FAQ
  • Documentation
  • Mailing list archives
  • Consider upgrading your JDBC driver to the latest version. It should be backwards compatible and may fix your problem.

General List -

This mailing list is for all PostgreSQL Java/JDBC related discussions. This is the place for bug reports, feature requests, help with problem solving, and pretty much anything involving Java and PostgreSQL. Messages from people who are not subscribed to the list will be held for moderator approval in an effort to cut down on spam. Archives and subscription information is available on the main PostgreSQL site.

When asking for help or reporting a problem please try to include as much information as possible. Good things to note are:

  • JDBC driver build number
  • Server version
  • Exact error message and stacktrace
  • What you were doing, ideally in code form

Commit Messages

Currently activity on commits is best observed directly from the git repository hosted with GitHub. The console tool, gitk, available with a git installation is an excellent GUI tool to observe commits.

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